Grants Program

2001 grant recipients

Disabilities Law Project

This grant to the Disabilities Law Project will fund a new initiative, the Legal Outreach Program, to provide free legal services to Allegheny County residents with disabilities who live in residential facilities.

Incorporated in 1977, the Disabilities Law Project is a non-profit, public interest law firm that provides free legal services to persons with disabilities, their families, and their groups.

Neighborhood Legal Services Association/YWCA's Legal Resources for Women

This grant will provide start-up funds for the People's Law Clinic, a new collaborative pro bono project between Neighborhood Legal Services Association (NLSA) and the YWCA's Legal Resources for Women. This clinic will provide free legal information, advice, and referral to low-income residents of Allegheny County.

Established in 1966, NLSA is a private, non-profit association that addresses the lack of basic legal assistance in civil matters for those who cannot afford representation. Created in 1986, the YWCA's Legal Resources for Women provides women access to legal education, counseling, and affordable representation.

Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force

This grant will assist Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force clients with a host of pro bono legal services, including filing fees for child custody, visitation and support; divorce; name changes; bankruptcy; as well as filing safety and harassment complaints.

Created in 1985, the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force provides services to those at risk of HIV infection and those living with HIV and AIDS, so that they may live fully, to the best of their ability.

Senior Action Coalition

This grant will provide seed money to help the Coalition develop educational materials and programs to protect senior citizens against financial fraud.

Incorporated in 2000, the Coalition works to protect senior citizens and their families from financial crimes.