Attorneys Against Hunger Committee

This Committee sponsors an annual fundraising campaign to collect money that is distributed to various food banks in Allegheny County. Members coordinate the direct mail solicitations and advertisements and encourage participation through the Sections and Committees. Costs of running the campaign are underwritten by sponsors, corporate contributions, the ACBA, and ACBF.

Corinne M. McGinley Smith
(412) 565-7634

Abagale E. Steidl
(412) 391-8000

Liaison from Board:
Sunu M. Pillai
(412) 209-2516

ACBF Liaisons:
Lorrie K. Albert
(412) 402-6640

Richele A. Ward
(412) 402-6641


Jennifer R. Andrade

Gilda M. Arroyo

Jaclyn M. Belczyk

Ben Bratman

Kelton Merrill Burgess

Norma M. Caquatto

Cindy K. Chung

Maria Comas

Alyssa Burrell Cowan

Thomas E. Crowley

Edward J. Donnelly

Frederick N. Frank

Kathryn Harrison

Crystal McCormick Ware

Mary L. McLaughlin

Bryan Neft

Jessica Pfauth

Abagale E. Steidl

Kathryn A. Gioia

Bryan Vertz

David Zvirman