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The John A. Meehan Citizenship Institute Fund

The John A. Meehan Citizenship Institute was established in 2015 to assist low-income immigrants applying for citizenship and inspire them to be active and knowledgeable participants in the American political process through classes provided through the Citizenship Institute. 

The Institute was made possible through a donation in memory of John A. Meehan, spouse of ACBA member Jackie Martinez, who was passionate about the issue of empowering new citizens through voting and the understanding of U.S. Government, court, and electoral systems. 

Meehan Citizenship Institute Fellows will work alongside attorneys at the Jewish Family & Community Services Immigration Legal Services team to assist individuals in need of advice relating to legal immigration matters. 

Applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Completed second year of a PA law school or is a child of a member of the ACBA who is returning to Pittsburgh for the summer. 
  • Eligible to be certified to appear in court pursuant to Pa. Bar Admission Rule 321. 

To read the September 2, 2016 Lawyers Journal article on the Meehan Citizenship Institute, click here. 

If you are interested in donating to this fund, please contact Lorie Albert at (412) 402-6640 or [email protected]