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David Blaner

David A. Blaner

Executive Director 

Mr. Blaner is responsible for the overall operation of the ACBA, and ACBF. He is responsible for initiating and maintaining relationships with the legal community that the bar serves, including the judicial community. He directs ACBA activities and plans for future growth. He also oversees the financial condition of the organizations. 

Lorrie Albert

Lorrie K. Albert, Esq.

Associate Executive Director  

Ms. Albert is responsible for overseeing, managing, and administering the daily operations of the foundation and its fundraising activities, which include the endowment, Attorneys Against Hunger and dues check-off campaigns, and the Fellows, loans and scholarships, LRAP and grants programs. She is also responsible for the Zittrian Forums speaker series and the annual golf tournament. Duties include strategic planning and marketing and implementation of long-range fundraising goals. 

Ron Slavonic

Ron Slavonic

Director of Finance 

Mr. Slavonic is responsible for overseeing the finance, accounting and operations areas for the ACBA and ACBF. 


Stephanie Selya

Stephanie Selya

Programs and Project Manager 

Ms. Selya manages and administers the annual programs and projects of the Foundation and assists the Associate Executive Director with fundraising activities and special events. In addition, she assists the Pro Bono Center Director in planning, implementing and supporting legal aid efforts. 

Maggie Tarentino

Maggie Tarentino

Donor Relations and Events Coordinator 

Ms. Tarentino is responsible for coordinating development efforts at the direction of the Associate Executive Director and the Programs and Projects Manager. Ms. Tarentino also assists with planning and implementation of special events, as well as facilitating appointments and meetings, maintaining donor records and recognition, and liaising to various committees of the ACBF. 


Barbara Griffin

Barbara Griffin, Esq.

Director of the Pro Bono Center 

Ms. Griffin develops, manages, and monitors programs that provide free legal services to low-income residents of Allegheny County using staff and volunteer attorneys. She is responsible for developing educational programs and materials for volunteer attorneys, law students, paralegals, and the general public, recruits and recognizes volunteers, and promotes pro bono initiatives to the bar and members of the community. 

Patricia Jones

Patricia O. Jones, Esq.

Pro Bono Staff Attorney 

Ms. Jones manages programs that deliver legal services to low-income individuals, as well as programs that match volunteer lawyers with low-income individuals in need of legal representation. Ms. Jones is primarily responsible for managing the Divorce Law Project, which uses staff attorneys, volunteer attorneys and law student interns to represent low-income individuals seeking simple, uncontested divorces. 

Olivia Hilborn

Olivia P. Hilborn

Certified Legal Intern 

Ms. Hilborn is responsible for assisting Director Griffin and Attorney Jones in providing free legal services to individuals with low-incomes and promoting pro bono initiatives. Ms. Hilborn primarily assists in representing clients in free, uncontested divorces through the Divorce Law Project, monitoring calls on the Pro Bono Center’s legal helpline and assisting individuals with criminal records clearing through the Pardons Project. 


Cathy Volponi

Cathy Volponi, Esq.

Phone: 412-391-4467

Ms. Volponi is the Director of the Juvenile Court Project. The Juvenile Court Project represents indigent parents in Dependency and Termination of Parental Rights cases in Allegheny County. The Juvenile Court Project provides an interdisciplinary model of parent representation that includes in addition to courtroom representation attendance with or on behalf of clients at various meetings with family service providers.