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Creating a legacy of leadership

In 2021, the ACBF completed our second endowment campaign to raise $1.5 million in funds that will allow us to grow our impact in three focus areas: providing pro bono services, awarding legal aid grants, and continuing to make a meaningful difference in both the community and profession.

We aim to work as hard as you do every day to provide opportunities to support our communities and profession through pro bono work, fighting food insecurity, education, volunteer activities, and law student and attorney support. It is our job to ensure that this essential work continues well into the future.

The path of a leader

Thanks to the contributions and pledges made by our steadfast supporters, the ACBF services meeting the most urgent needs will continue to grow. Your gifts are helping to grow the Foundation’s Endowment and securing the future of this important work.

About the campaign

Campaign Information and Materials

Endowment Committee

Thank you to our hard-working committee members who championed the campaign and helped us cross the finish line. 

W. Thomas McGough 

Vice Chairs: 
John Gismondi 
Carol A. Behers 
Ronald L. Hicks 
Lourdes Sanchez Ridge 
Gary M. Lang 
Keith E. Whitson 
Eric Cottle 
Gregory B. Jordan 
John R. McGinley, Jr. 

Jennifer R. Andrade 
Hal D. Coffey 
Jessica L. Crown 
Walter P. DeForest 
Efrem M. Grail 
Gary P. Hunt 
Marie Milie Jones 
Lori E. McMaster 
Thomas R. Moore 
Richard S. Wiedman 

2005 Endowment Campaign: Building Bridges to the Future

In May 1996, the board of trustees created the Allegheny County Bar Foundation Permanently Restricted Endowment Fund in order to aid the Foundation in carrying out our philanthropic mission. Until 2005, contributions to the endowment were limited primarily to Fellows pledges. 

On Sept. 21, 2005, the Foundation launched the “Building Bridges to the Future” campaign in response to funding cutbacks affecting legal service organizations. Through this new initiative, the ACBF made a commitment to build the endowment to at least $1,000,000 by 2010.  

Through the generosity of firms, Patron Fellows, and individual donors, the Endowment reached over $1 million. A strong Endowment enabled the Foundation to award additional and larger grants to legal service agencies, and to expand our pro bono efforts and educational services to the community.  

The success of the Endowment Campaign would not be possible without the generous support of the legal community. 

You can still be a part of this leadership effort. There are many ways to support the Foundation’s future. Learn more about how to maximize your impact.