Grant Making Committee

This Committee is responsible for developing procedures for making ACBF grants consistent with the ACBF’s goals, to recommend to the foundation which grant proposals to fund and at what amount, and to perform all other necessary functions incident to the making of the grants.

Kathryn McKee 
(412) 434-5779

Liaison from Board:
Daniel J. Sinclair
(412) 566-2913

ACBF Liaisons:
Lorrie K. Albert
(412) 402-6640

Jessica Pfauth
(412) 402-6681

Richele Ward
(412) 402-6641


Kenneth M. Argentieri
Jill Lipman Beck
Hon. Kim Berkeley Clark
Jeanine L. DeBor
Edward J. Donnelly III
Susan DiGirolamo
Beth Fischman
Bruce H. Herschlag
Joanne M. La Rose
Carol S. Mills McCarthy
Kathryn McKee
Mary L. McLaughlin
Antoinette C. Oliver
Jessica Pfauth
Adrian Nathaniel Roe
Melaine Shannon Rothey
Hon. Christine Ann Ward
Richard Steven Wiedman