Loans and Scholarship Committee

This Committee oversees the foundation’s scholarship and loan programs. The Committee will distribute funds from the Lawyers Fund, the F.C. Grote Fund, the Louis Little Attorneys’ Memorial Fund, the James I. Smith, III Notre Dame Law School Scholarship Fund, and any other named funds. The Committee’s responsibilities include establishing policy and procedures, accepting and reviewing loan and scholarship applications, interviewing applicants, and making recommendations for scholarships and loans for individuals attending approved law schools.

Co-Chairs and ACBF Board Liaisons:
Jill Lipman Beck

Margaret W. Prescott

ACBA Liaison:
Diane K. McMillen

ACBF Liaisons:
Lorrie K. Albert

Richele A. Ward

Jessica Pfauth

ACBF Liaison to the Board:
Margaret W. Prescott

Edward Jaffee Abes
Richard F. Andracki
Jill Lipman Beck
Jaclyn M. Belczyk
A. Patricia Diulus-Myers
Samuel Robert Grego
Ella Kwisnek
Gary M. Lang
Robert Mark Linn
Allie Linsenmeyer
Carol S. Mills McCarthy
Mary Lou McLaughlin
Bryan Scott Neft
Rhoda Shear Neft
Jessica Pfauth
Maggie W. Prescott
Melaine Shannon Rothey
Neva Lee Stotler
Keith E. Whitson